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On this page you find the explanations for the words we use regarding Open Banking and PSD2.

Term Description

The Account Information Services are the APIs a TPP can call to get payment account information, such as payment accounts for a PSU or the transaction list for a given payment account.


An Account Information Service Provider is typically a TPP which provides for example consolidated information on one or more payment accounts held by a PSU.


Application Programming Interface. An API provides routines and protocols to expose information and functionality from one system to another. Skandiabanken makes APIs available to TPPs, which can use them to build new applications and services.


Account Servicing Payment Service Provider. The institution offering a payment account to a PSU. Skandiabanken is an ASPSP.

Authentication In this context, the process of identifying a PSU or TPP. A PSU is authenticated using SCA, in our case Swedish BankID. A TPP is authenticated with an eIDAS certificate.
Authorization The process of specifying the access rights for a PSU or a TPP. For a PSU, Skandiabanken generally only allows the account owner to interact with a TPP. A TPP is authorized to be an AISP or PISP depending on their specified role in the local NCA register.
Consent The agreement given by the PSU to a TPP to share account information. The consent is handled by the TPP. In Skandiabanken a consent will have to be renewed by the TPP 90 days after the consent was given. The consent is signed by the PSU using Swedish BankID.

A certificate which is used by a TPP for authentication and authorization. The certifiate is created by QTSPs.


National Competent Authority is the organisation that authorizes a provider to act as a TPP within the PSD2 regulation. In Sweden, Finansinspektionen is the NCA.


The Payment Initiation Services are the APIs a TPP can call to initiate payments, such as money transfers, bill payments and international payments.


A Payment Issuer Instrument Service is an operation in the API for confirmation of funds request. Checks whether a specific amount is available at the time of the request on an account.


A Payment Initiation Service Provider is typically a TPP that provides an initiation of a payment on behalf of a PSU. The payment is initiated by the PISP and is approved by the PSU before the ASPSP performs the payment according to parameters sent to the bank.


Payment Service User - the end customer holding a payment account


Strong Customer Authentication is the process of authenticating a PSU. SCA must always include two or more of the following

  • Something you know
  • Something you own
  • Something you are

SCA in Skandiabanken is Swedish BankID.

Sandbox The term for the test environment. 

The Qualified Trust Service Provider creates eIDAS certificates which TPPs need to access our APIs in the production environment.


In this context a Third Party Provider is the provider of a service or application towards a PSU. TPPs are consumers of the APIs offered by Skandiabanken. For a TPP to act as a consumer of Skandiabanken APIs, a TPP must

  • enroll and create an app in our Developer Portal
  • have a valid license  as an AISP or PISP from the local NCA
  • have an eIDAS certificate