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Our API products

In the Developer Portal you will find all you need to use our APIs in your solutions. The documentation is on API level with technical in-depth details and examples as well as applicable business rules. We will publish a link to the Developer Portal here as soon as it is available.

Account information

Account Information Services (AIS) provides API access to our customers' payment accounts. As a TPP you must get the customer's consent to call this API.

Main features:

  • List of a customer's payment accounts
  • Transaction list and balances for a given account
  • Available up to 90 days after consent is given by the customer

Payment initiation

Payment Initiation Services (PIS and PIIS) provide API access to confirmation of funds on an account, as well as to initiate payments on behalf of the customer.


  • Money transfers to Swedish accounts
  • Instant money transfers between Skandiabanken accounts
  • PG/BG payments
  • International Payments
  • Funds confirmation (PIIS)