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Open banking
Open banking

Skandia Open Banking

Welcome to Skandia Open Banking.

Together we can create remarkable customer experiences.

By using our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), fintechs and banks can leverage their complementary strengths to provide new, easy-to-use, secure and innovative services that will benefit the future customer.

Skandia Open Banking consists of an API Gateway and a Developer Portal. Our test portal is currently not available. Please read our technical documentations how to get started with testing of our APIs. Later this year we will open our live data environments to registered Third Party Providers (TPPs).

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us

API documentation

Innovative services

Fintechs and banks can create new and innovative services for customers, using Open Banking APIs.

Our APIs for account information and payment initiation make it possible for TPPs to interact with Skandiabanken and our customers.

API Gateway and Portal

The APIs are available via our API Gateway. TPPs manage their access to our APIs in the Developer Portal. Shortly we will have the test environments open for the API Gateway and Portal, containing a sandbox where you can try everything out.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas regarding Open Banking, via our contact form

API documentation

The best way to learn more about our API products is currently to read more on this site.

Our API Gateway is open for some basic testing and our Developer Portal will be available shortly. Please view our technical documentation for details regarding testing and our APIs.



Customer consent

TPPs are responsible for obtaining a customer consent before calling the the AIS API. The customer consent is valid for a maximum of 90 days. For the PIS API the customer must sign every payment initiation. 


All communication is encrypted with TLS.

OAuth 2.0

We use the industry standard OAuth2 protocol for authorization. Your application will receive an access token and a refresh token.

Berlin Group standard

Berlin Group standard

Our APIs follow the NextGen PSD2 Berlin Group standard for PSD2 XS2A.

The standard covers:

  • Services (AIS, PIS and PIIS)
  • Technical specifications such as transport- and applicative protocols
  • Authorization protocols and data formats
  • Security features such as TPP identification with eIDAS certificates, data encryption etc