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Thule Fund S.A., SICAV-SIF

Thule Credit Fund – KID

The purpose of Thule Credit Fund is to deliver long-term stable returns with moderate risk. The majority of the return is expected to be derived from regular interest payments from corporate credit instruments evidencing an obligation of a debtor to pay regular interest and to repay amounts initially advanced to the debtor under a credit agreement or similar arrangements (“Corporate Credits”).

The Sub-Fund will invest its assets in a diversified portfolio of Corporate Credits in the form of corporate bonds and corporate loans. Investments are made in both the primary and in the secondary market with a buy-and-hold perspective. The Sub-Fund may acquire up to one hundred percent (100%) of the outstanding debt of a single issuer.

KID - Thule Credit Fund A1 (CAP)

KID - Thule Credit Fund A1 (DIV)

Thule Real Estate Fund-KID

Thule Real Estate Fund will provide investors with an exposure to a diversified portfolio of real estate properties located in Sweden, held by Skandia Fastigheter. The performance and risks derive from distinct diversified underlying real estate portfolios.

The Sub-Fund will grant participating loans to a minimum of three companies within Skandia Fastigheter, each being the company heading a specific branch of activities of Skandia Fastigheter. Each participating loan shall be structured to reflect the performance of the portfolio of real estate assets held. A suitable investment horizon for the Sub-Fund should be at least 10 years.

KID - Thule Real Estate Fund A (CAP)

KID - Thule Real Estate Fund A (DIV)