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This is where you find information related to the Skandiabanken rating.

The Skandiabanken rating

The Skandiabanken rating

Skandiabanken has a rating to ensure that counterparties, suppliers and others stakeholders have access to a second opinion regarding the creditworthiness of the bank. Skandiabanken relies on Moody’s Investor Services for rating.

Rating categories

Foreign LT Bank Deposits – Rating: A2 (Stable)
Local LT Bank Deposits – Rating: A2 (Stable)
Since 2015

Covered bonds - Rating: AAA
Since 2013

Policy regarding rating

All covered bonds issued by Skandiabanken will receive a rating by Moody’s. Senior bonds and commercial papers will not receive a rating unless it is explicitly negotiated when issued.

Moody’s Credit Opinion

Moody’s Credit Opinion - 2020-03-24