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Pension plan

Your company has choosen Skandia to guide you through your pension plan. 

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Your pension is made up of several components

Your pension comes from different sources. If you have worked and lived in Sweden, you will get a national public pension based on the income you paid tax on. You can also have occupational pension and a private pension scheme. For more information about public pension in Sweden - see below: 

Visit pensionsmyndigheten.se Information in other languages at Minpension.se

Occupational pension

Your company have a collectively agreed pension plan for salaried employees called ITP1. For more information about ITP1.

Visit Collectum for more information

Exchange of salary

Switch a part of your salary to extra pension premium

Abstain from salary today for a better pension tomorrow.

As retirees, most of us will have lower income. You have the opportunity to exchange part of your current salary for contrbutions to your future pension.

Salary exchange is advantageous for you if – after abstaining from salary – you have a salary higher than 8,07 times the Income Base Amount (SEK 42 031/month in 2018). It is not recommended that you enroll in a salary exchange programme if doing so would bring your salary below that level, since this would lower your social insurance benefits, such as national retirement pension.

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Asset Management

You can choose traditional life management, fund management or custody account for your pension. It is also possible to combine the various management options. Contact us for more information about your options.

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